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Couple Builds Successful Business Around Making Kuchen

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A Scotland couple decided to make a career change a year and a half ago and transformed the basement of their home into a commercial kitchen...where they make a tasty treat they are now selling at stores statewide.

You wouldn't know it from the outside, but one house on Conklin Street in Scotland has a fully functional pastry kitchen in the basement, where most days six people work to churn out a familiar South Dakota dessert.

"Cuchen, cuchin, cooga..." Lori Pietz pronounces it "koo-ghin" and in March of last year she and her husband Roger decided to take what had been a hobby and turn it into a small, home based business.
At first, it was a David and Goliath affair.

"That was probably my biggest fear, how am i going to get in into the store?" Roger knew they could make all the Kuchen they wanted but didn't know how to get it to you.  So he traveled the state, visiting grocery store after grocery store, and convinced 60 of them to carry his Kuchen.

In the basement kitchen they are busy every day, well almost every day of the week. They can make 400 of these in 1 day, in just a matter of hours but the thing is you have to be quick on your feet and make sure as soon as you get a couple plates out that you have a couple of plates ready to go in.

The Pietz say they will hope to sign agreements soon with grocery stores in Minnesota and Nebraska to carry their Kuchen.
So far, their small business gamble is paying off.

Roger says, "When we started this business the economy was already on the downturn but I was set to go and I said we're gonna do it anyway."

And Lori adds, "We've sold over 70,000 Kuchen from the time we started."

All from this unassuming home in Scotland, South Dakota.

The Pietz family says their success is due to hard work, a good homemade product and a strong faith in God.
Their Kuchen is available at grocery stores in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre and other South Dakota cities.

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