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State Desert In Scotland

Courtesy of Scotland Journal

State dessert now made in Scotland

by Peggy Schelske

Roger and Lori Pietz have started the newest business in Scotland, Pietz¹s Kuchen Kitchen. A bite of homemade delight was offered to customers at Gemar's Market in Scotland and Tyndall March 20 as they began an endeavor that they have been dreaming about for years. With the Pietz's move to Scotland, this afforded them the opportunity to convert their basement into a homemade kuchen making business. Lori Pietz has been making kuchen for the last 20 years perfecting the dough, getting the custard just right and working on the process to make the best kuchen possible.

Kuchen would not have been Lori's first choice in baked goods as she is Czech and her speciality is kolaches. Which she comes by naturally as her mother began making kolaches when she was 10 years old. However, Roger is German and comes from a family of wonderful German bakers, which includes kuchen, so he stated that they comprised and began their baking endeavor with kuchen.

Roger stated that when he started to learn how to make kuchen his first job was doing the dishes. When he got that job mastered, he graduated to making the dough. He did say that his favorite job now in the kuchen making process is the vacuum sealing of the finished product.

This business has been a family endeavor which included their two sons Matt and Mike, Roger's aunts and Lori¹s family, from everything to working on the basement to get it ready to start baking, to making the website and the labels to actually helping with the making of the kuchen.

Roger and Lori have been amazed at the support that the community has shown them in this endeavor. Roger thought that if he sold 100 kuchen this last weekend, that he would be doing great. He was amazed to find that by the time Saturday evening rolled around, he had sold about 450 kuchen. Which caused the downstairs to heat up Saturday as another 180 kuchen were made to keep up with demand.

The variety of kuchen being offered has started out with apple, peach, cherry, prune and apricot, the more traditional flavors. Poppy seed and cottage cheese will be the next kinds of kuchen to be added to the line.

The Pietz's are very grateful to Greg and JoAnn Gemar for their support and encouragement and for allowing Pietz's Kuchen to be sold exclusively at Gemar's Market in Scotland and Tyndall, for the time being.

Roger explained that he doesn¹t drink coffee, but he considers Cecil Ellinger as his morning cup of motivation. During this whole process, Cecil has given Roger the confidence and encouragement he needs each day to continue on with this endeavor.

As I stated before, the Pietz's have been overwhelmed with the people offering good wishes and really wanting them to succeed. Roger said that we make kuchen because it is fun. They enjoy making them by putting a little love and joy into each kuchen.

Probably the best compliment Roger could have received came from his aunt, Idella Behl, when she told him, Your mother would be so proud of you.  Roger's mother was a wonderful cook and baker and to see the product which is being made by Pietz¹s Kuchen Kitchen & Specialties, LLP would have made her very proud of her son and daughter-in-law. And who knows where this will lead. This may become the family business for generations to come as their two and half year old grandson told his grandparents that he wants a big commercial mixer for his birthday and when he comes over to the house, he brings along a tub of butter to use on the kuchen after they have been baked.

Be sure to pick up one of these bites of homemade delight the next time you are at Gemar's Market. I don¹t think you will be disappointed!!

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