Pietz's Kuchen Kitchen & Specialties L.L.P

Enjoy A Bite Of Homemade Delight!

Welcome to Pietz’s Kuchen Kitchen and Specialties! I am German while my wife Lori is both German and Czech.  We have always enjoyed baking and eating traditional foods from our ethnic backgrounds.  My wife has been making kuchen for the better part of 20 years.  Recently, I have gotten involved in the kuchen making process and discovered that Lori and I enjoy making them together.  In the past we have always given our kuchen away as gifts and have always received compliments about how good they were.

We are now selling them to the public. It brings us great joy to see other people enjoy our kuchen which is why we are excited to share them with you.  Lori and I feel that we have a very unique and delicious kuchen.  We fill our kuchen with an abundance of fruit while adding a custard which is second to none.  Our crust will melt in your mouth and bring you back for more.  We make our kuchen with love and hope it brings joy to you and your family.

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